System Architecture

Victor Pluzhenko
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Victor Pluzhenko

What about System Architecture?

System architecture is a description of the connection of everything to everything. During the SA design phase, the architecture structure of the system is formed, the relationships between all its parts are identified, their importance and content are determined.

A competent system architecture simplifies the support and development of the system:

  • Programmers don't swear at their predecessors (or themselves) for uncomfortably scalable routing and databases.
  • Users easily find what they need and get exactly where they want.
  • SEO and search engines fall in love with your system.

What includes system architecture?

A system architecture consists of three interrelated components - application architecture, data architecture, and technical architecture. The system architecture defines the rules for forming its components and ensuring interaction between them.

Application architecture includes:

  1. Applications that provide the execution of business functions and business processes.
  2. Interfaces between applications.
  3. Means and methods of application development and maintenance.

Data architecture includes:

  • Automated databases that provide for the storage and processing of data defined by the business architecture.
  • Database management or data warehouse systems.
  • Rules and means of authorizing access to the data.

The technical architecture consists of network architecture and platform architecture.

The network architecture includes:

  1. Local and area networks, including physical proprietary and leased communication channels.
  2. Communication protocols, services and addressing systems used in networks.
  3. Emergency plans to ensure uninterrupted operation of networks in case of emergencies.

Platform architecture includes:

  • Computing hardware - servers, workstations, storage, and other computer equipment.
  • Operating and control systems, utilities, and office software systems.

System architecture development tips

You can use the tips below while creating system architecture:

  • Ensure purpose before architecting.
  • Evaluate the architecture throughout system development. The system architecture is intended to be a persistent framework during the life cycle of a system.
  • Construct the architecture to help understand technology readiness and evolution, and avoid getting locked in to proprietary or potentially obsolete technologies.